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PIXIO-50: Magnetic Blocks in 6 Colours


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50 PIXIO blocks in six perfectly paired colors let you bring your creative ideas to life. Start by building simple models using the instructions, and then, when you’re ready, move on to creating your own designs. You also get a code for free access to a mobile App (iOS & Android) to explore hundreds of interactive, 3D design ideas.

PIXIO-50 DESIGN SERIES includes six colors - black, white, red, green, yellow, and turquoise - that will help you transform simple shapes into recognizable figures. Use these colors, and you’ll see how ten PIXIO blocks can give birth to a person, and twelve can give flight to a bird.

PIXIO is a unique construction set in which magnetic blocks are connected thanks to a well-thought-out system of magnets. One PIXIO block is a plastic cube 8 mm (0.31 in) in size and has inside 6 magnets. Blocks can be connected to each other in any sequence from different sides.

Each PIXIO set comes with a unique promo code, which gives access to the exclusive content of the app. Download the free app (iOS & Android) to explore hundreds of interactive, 3D design ideas.


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