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Clever Clippings: Family


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This is an archival print of the original collage. Fits standard 11" x 14" frame.
The original piece was cut and pasted by hand from collection of used and vintage books.

Parenting is never an easy job.
Look at right corner where the little pair of birds are. They represent the nurturing stage and that’s when we are a baby and we need our parents’ full attention.

When we become teenagers, our parents’ attention would usually shift to our surroundings. They stay alert. They want to know what is and who is around us. They are always trying to protect us from danger/ bad people etc.

Look at the pair of Bambi/deer! Doesn’t the parent look very alert? it is a perfect piece for this. Parent-child relationships continue to evolve.

As the child grow older, it can become a stressful time for the adolescent, who is searching for identity and independence from parents. But to truly become independent, you almost have to be like the caterpillar breaking free from its cocoon. No one can help you but yourself.

The last part is the departure stage and I used moth because in Asia, moth symbolized ancestors. Regardless of the stages, the love is everlasting and the use of tulips represent this love and the bonding between a family.

-Printed on heavy textured paper for rich details and vivid colour reproduction.
-Used highly pigmented archival inks for quality and clarity
-Can fit in standard-size frame, which can be found easily both locally and online.
-Each print is hand-signed by me on the front.


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