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Blackwing Starting Point Pencil Gift Set


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The Starting Point Set is the perfect way to introduce the artist or maker on your list to the world of Blackwing. This gift set includes 4 Blackwing pencils with a range of Soft, Balanced, Firm and Extra-firm graphite, 1 pack of Black Replacement Erasers to ensure your pencil is always functional and a One-Step Long Point Sharpener that creates a long, curved point that resists breakage.

Claimed by many to be the best writing utensil in the world, Blackwing pencils are famous for the quality of graphite, iconic shape, and the people whose works they’ve inspired throughout the years.

Blackwing pencils use high quality graphite produced exclusively in Japan. In general, Palomino graphite pencils are smoother than more commonly available pencils due to the special formulation and processing methods used. Japanese consumers also prefer a darker and softer laydown so Japanese-produced leads tend to be softer and darker. This leads to differences of 1 to 2 degrees compared to other pencils.


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