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A Treaty Guide for Torontonians


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What does it mean to be a treaty person in Toronto? A Treaty Guide for Torontonians is an artful examination of the complex intercultural roots of treaty relationships in the place we now call Toronto. From the Two Row Wampum and Dish with One Spoon, to the Treaty of Niagara and the Toronto Purchase, we trace the history of treaty making between Indigenous nations, and between Indigenous nations and the Crown. Part of Jumblies Theatre + Arts’ multi-year Talking Treaties project, A Treaty Guide inspires an active approach to treaty awareness through embodied learning tools. Land-based activities, theatrical exercises, drawing and writing prompts help readers find their own relationship to this history, and to take up their treaty responsibilities in the present.

Authors: Ange Loft, Victoria Freeman, Martha Stiegman, Jill Carter
Hardcover: 180 pages
Dimensions: 18 × 30 cm


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