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William Monague: Tranquility Puzzle


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***Item ships the week of November 30th, 2020***

1000 pieces.
18" x 24"

Cultural Background: Ojibway - Christian Island, southern Georgian Bay, Ontario

The self-taught Beausoleil First Nation artist, William Anthony Monague, grew up on an isolated island with no access to formal education or training in the arts. Monague - "Abwaudung" (The Visionary or Dreamer) discovered inspiration in the traditional teachings of Mother Earth, Spirit World and in the beauty of nature and in the Georgian Bay shores that surrounded him. Initially he was using the woodland style but soon developed his own more contemporary style of art. During the 1970's and 80's Monague followed the Pow Wow circuit in a van with his family down to Mexico. His work ended up in various museums and galleries along the way. Monague donates his time and artwork to many worthwhile causes. "I feel my art speaks to my culture. I have made a name for myself with my work and reputation but it has taken a long time." After 45 years of painting, he continues his artistic lifelong journey with his family.


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