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Thomson Collection at the AGO: Ken Thomson the Collector


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The unveiling of the Thomson Collection is marked by a set of five books, co-published by Skylet Publishing and the Art Gallery of Ontario. These publications explore the particular character of Ken Thomson`s taste and his remarkable collection as well as highlighting individual pieces and setting them in their historical contexts.

The first of the five books presenting the Thomson Collection at the AGO gives some insight into the man whose wide-ranging cultural curiosity resulted in such an extraordinary collection, particularly remarkable for the varied fields that he explored. Included with this book is the DVD "The Journey and the Man: The Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario"

Written by Robert Hall, Anna Hudson, Graham Reynolds, Conal Shields, Simon Stephens
Edited by: Conal Shields
Softcover with jacket, 200 pages, 100 colour illustrations, 11x9.5 ins.
Co-published by Skylet Publishing and the Art Gallery of Ontario
Produced by Paul Holberton Publishing, London, England
© 2008 Skylet Publishing/Art Gallery of Ontaio


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