Sharon Kiyoshk-Burritt: Porcupine Quill Earrings


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Bkegwanong FN/Walpole Island
Sharon Kiyoshk-Burritt was born at Walpole Island First Nation. Her hobby, designing jewellery, is now a small home-based business. Sharon is also a sweetgrass basketmaker, by tradition. Most of Sharon's designs are influenced by traditional first nations art & adornment.

Sweetgrass, deer antler, porcupine quills, glass beads and bone are materials chosen for their natural beauty and historic links. She also employs semi-precious beads as well as silver in many of her contemporary designs. Sharon is from the Ojibway (Chippewa) nation. She is presently living and working in Toronto.

Approximately 2.3" - Assorted bead colours.


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