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Buy an Artist a Drink


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Being an artist has always been a tough go, but it seems especially fraught with challenges today. But maybe the desire to go against the grain, to express a personal vision, and to patiently perfect your craft counts for something. Artists, after all, are still the ones setting the standards for beauty; they are still the ones whose work is being copied by forgers; and it is their "content" that is being used to pad the wallets of the digital media companies.

This small book, the result of observing artists in their natural environments - at the pub, at school, online, in the workplace, on the streets, in the forests - is a call-to-action to stand up for these harried souls. To cut them some slack. To buy something they make. To attend one of their performances. Or, at least, to buy them a drink.

Author: George Daicopoulos
Paperback: 74 Pages


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