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Jack Chambers: Light, Spirit, Time, Place and Life


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Published to coincide with a major exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Jack Chambers: Light, Spirit, Time, Place and Life is the first major volume to be published on the work of Jack Chambers, one of Canada’s most recognized and broadly influential artists. Featuring a selection of some 100 works including paintings, drawings, prints, and films, and materials from the artist’s extensive papers, the book focuses on Chambers’s own unique brand of perceptual realism, his use of light, place, time, and spirit, all of which were central to his work.

A brilliant draughtsman and remarkable painter, Chambers spent his early adulthood travelling and studying in Europe, where he met Pablo Picasso. When he returned to his hometown of London, Ontario, in 1961, he found himself at the centre of a vibrant art scene that would become the backdrop for his films and the surrealist-influenced works based on his dream-like evocations of memory.

This book draws on the large collection of the artist’s work held by the Art Gallery of Ontario. Featuring more than 100 colour reproductions, an extensive chronology, and a complete catalogue of the AGO’s collection of Chambers’s artworks, the volume also includes critical essays by Sarah Milroy, Christopher Dewdney, Mark Cheetham, Gillian Mackay, Ross Woodman, and curator-writer Dennis Reid, as well as unique personal reflections in a variety of forms by writers Michael Ondaatje and Susan Crean and painters John Scott and Eric Fischl.

Written by Dennis Reid
Co-published by Goose Lane Editions and the Art Gallery of Ontario
Paperback, 240 pages
ISBN 9780864926456


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