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Hanukkah in a Book


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This little gift book turns into a beautiful holiday decoration.

Celebrate the eight days of Hanukkah with a unique book that transforms into a menorah to display on a desk, table, or windowsill. The pages feature traditional prayers in Hebrew and English, and a retelling of the history of Hanukkah, along with pop-up candles that you can turn up each night of the holiday. Simply take the jacket off, pop up the candles, and turn this book into a fully "lit" menorah - no matches required!

Special Features:

- Jacketed hardcover with 24 pages and 8 pop-up elements
- Full-color illustrations (including metallic silver ink) throughout.

Author: Abrams Noterie
Pages: 24
Dimension: 14.22 x 2.79 x 16.13 cm


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