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Death of a Lady's Man


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To mark the publication of Leonard Cohen's final book, The Flame, McClelland & Stewart is proud to reissue six beautiful editions of Cohen's cherished early works of poetry.

A freshly packaged series for devoted Leonard Cohen fans and those who wish to discover one of the world's most adored and celebrated writers.

Originally published by McClelland & Stewart in 1978, Death of a Lady's Man reinvented Cohen on the printed page, featuring a daring series of poems and prose poems, each of which is addressed - and often rebutted - in accompanying pieces of commentary. Maddening, thrilling, and truly singular, Cohen's sixth book contains some of the most challenging and startling work of his oeuvre. It is a genre-busting masterpiece well ahead of its time.

Author: Leonard Cohen
Pages: 216
Dimension: 14 x 1.52 x 20.93 cm


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