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Kingston Glass Studio: Currents of Growth Cobalt Bowl


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Currents of Growth Cobalt Bowl - 7" X 6.75"

Born in Trinidad, and having expanded her equatorial living to include other tropical countries such as Barbados and Costa Rica, glass artist Mariel Waddell's island experiences became the foundation for her design inspirations. Using molten, hot glass bit work Mariel sculpts and captures pieces of the ocean's reefs and currents onto her vessels. Mariel Waddell is an award-winning glass artist whose work can be found in both public and private collections, and prestigious galleries and museums across North America and around the world. "My native islands, Trinidad and Tobago, have always inspired me. The experience of living in these centers of natural beauty has been the main spring of my artistic vision"

Mariel works out of her open concept, open-to-the-public studio, Kingston Glass Studio, with her husband and fellow glass artist Alexi Hunter, in picturesque, downtown Kingston, Ontario, Canada.


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