Toronto Graffiti: The human behind the wall


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520 pages

Toronto Graffiti is a coffee table book that is a profoundly insightful and authentic work with significant sociopolitical, anthropological, and historical perspectives. It is a compilation of 21 precedent-setting artist interviews, 1,000+ full-color photos, maps, timelines, definitions, and opinion pieces. A rare and powerful book documenting the history of graffiti in Toronto, Canada, containing inspiring stories, realities, photos, and records dating back to the early 1980s. The book explores opinion pieces by community members, legal, health, and safety sections, a Memoriam, and a photography section. Artists provide an in-depth look into their background, art, legal and safety implications, personal lives, their views on graffiti, and many other exciting topics. Artists interviewed include Ren, Bomba, Hope, Daser, Sec, Graffiti Knights, KidC, Kane, Skam, Case, Teck, Duro3, Insight, Soy, Sader, Wysper, Junction Joe, Mediah, Elicser, and Cola. The artists speak for themselves and share relevant information about graffiti and the topics directly impacted and intimately intertwined with it. Readers derive insight into graffiti's longstanding debate while engaging curiosity and appreciation for this incredibly complex and little understood genre. Toronto Graffiti has been featured in the Globe and Mail, CBC radio, and local, national, and international media outlets. It is used as reference material by the City of Toronto. It was sold at Chapters, the York University bookstore, and picked up by professors at the University of Toronto, Ryerson Polytechnic University, and showcased at Centennial College. The Toronto Public Library purchased several books to add to their collections. Toronto Graffiti is also a part of The National Library of Canada.


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