Charles Silverfox: Raven Matted Print


Member pricing: $13.56

Total size with matte: 11" x 14"
Print size: Approximately 5.5" x 8"
Picture 1 - Print
Picture 2 - Matte with black border.
Printed in Canada.

A Dtou Un De yah - peace maker/man who makes peace

Charles Silverfox was born in Whitehorse, Yukon. He is of Tlingit northern Tutchone and Irish ancestry. Charles has lived and worked in British Columbia since 1980. He primarily works in pen and ink creating images using hundreds and hundreds of little dots by hand - this art form is known as pointillism. Charles received his introduction to this form of art from his older brother, Mark Preston, (Tenna tsa the) a well known Yukon artist and jeweler. Charles says that his art is a reflection of his traditional values and his high esteem for all living things in the natural world.


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