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Albert: Flowers and Butterflies I


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Total size with matte: 11" x 14"
Print size: Approximately 5.5" x 8"
Picture 1 - Print
Picture 2 - Matte
Printed in Canada.

Betty Albert-Licenz was adopted and raised by French Canadian parents in Northern Ontario. She spent time on Vancouver Island where both of her interests in art and spirituality surfaced. During the next twenty years, she worked with pen and ink, and improved her artistic techniques.

Circumstances eventually brought her back to her Native American father, discovering her birthright as a Cree. Like many Cree people, dreams play an important part of her life and her work. Her art allows the viewer to experience tradition, action, and a deep spirituality. Her use of vibrant acrylic colors begs us to view creation in a new way.


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