Claudine Moncion: Large Rectangle Prism Earrings


Member pricing: $316.80

Sterling Silver and Copper Earrings
2.75" Length

About the Artist:

Claudine Moncion uses her training in visual arts, architecture and various jewelry internships as a foundation for her designs. Her focus is on creating forms that are interesting from every angle. Her pieces are often one of a kind creations.

Claudine's collection plays with colour contrast and the transformation of materials over time. While silver is static, copper evolves as it oxidizes. This contrast creates a dynamic tension.

She is from Gatineau, Quebec.

Care: Keep jewelry in a dry space away from humidity and dust. A jeweler's cloth may be used to regularly clean.

No products are applied to copper to slow down the oxidation process. The color transformation of the material is normal and is not considered a manufacturing defect. In case of non-desired oxydation of the copper, gently clean the jewel with ketchup, rinse under water, and dry with a soft cloth.


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