D.A.R. Projects Square Planter - Copper Base


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Calcite Porous rock and Ceramic Base.
4" x 4" x 4.5"

These rock objects reimagine traditional techniques passed down through generations of master craftsmen on the north coast of Peru.
All objects are hand-carved from highly unique Andean stone materials.

The unique texture of the calcareous porous rock and the traditional craftsmanship of stone carvers from the north coast inspire this eco-design winner of the German Design Award 2016 [Germany] and the jurors choice at the Design Toronto festival 2017 [Canada].

The natural calcite rock washes across the ocean floor to the communities of Northern Perú. Transformed by hand into a beautiful object, the functional elements are equally as captivating. The pores of the reef, arranged vertically, act as a natural drainage system to maintain only the necessary humidity around the plant. An ideal planter for contemporary interior decoration.