L Carr Designs: Vintage Silverware Pendants


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Artist: Lynda Carr
Location: Wainfleet, Ontario

L Carr Designs Vintage Series was first created in the Fall of 2007 by artist Lynda Carr. All items are designed from pot lids, serving trays, butter dish lids, bread plates, serving bowls - anything unique and that can be recycled into exquisite art! Most of the material used date back to the early 1900’s.

It is often said that everything that is old is new again. Lynda Carr has held this philosophy from a very early age. Always intrigued and inspired by vintage items like architecture, clothing, furniture, jewellery, Lynda took this attitude and applied it to her wonderful art. What many see as old and tarnished silver serving platters, bread plates, butter dishes and trivets, Lynda sees as new and shiny rings, bracelets, broaches, and necklaces.

Vintage pendant comes with sterling silver chain.

Please visit shopAGO on 317 Dundas Street West for assorted size, shape and design selection.