Londji: My Longest Puzzle


Member pricing: $30.56

An amazing cardboard puzzle of 2 meters long by 15 cm wide! It is really long this puzzle!!

The puzzle has 52 pieces, it is made of recycled cardboard and comes in a strong box which gives us already a clue of its shape.

The fantastic illustration reproduces the Londji’s Train. Each one of the wagons is inhabited by several characters that will delight the youngest - and those who already aren’t so young!

54 pieces
age range: 5-8 years
Illustration: Txell Darne
Material: Recycled cardboard and paper
Packaging: Sturdy cardboard box
Size: 200 x 15 cm.
Box Size: 40,5 x 10,7 x 5,4 cm,
Weight: 0,65 kgs


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