Delicious Handcrafted Cocktails and Other Clever Concoctions. Seasonal, Refreshing, Alcohol-Free

A gift-worthy collection of 48 divine cocktails and other delicious mixed beverages-all made without alcohol

From Beet Virgin Marys to Chile and Lime Margaritas, romantic date night to dry baby showers, this book is packed with imaginative, grown-up, nonalcoholic cocktails for everyone. These delectable dry takes on classics like margaritas (Blood Orange and Sage Margarita), shrubs (Raspberry and Lavender Shrub), and martinis (Espresso Mint Martini) are all made with ingredients easily found in the kitchen or garden, and nonalcoholic spirits easily found at the store.

Complete with a guide to essential equipment, ingredients, and simple syrup recipes, Dry is for every new mocktail mixologist. Whether designated driver, teetotaling, pregnant, celebrating Dry January, or trying to lose weight by cutting down on alcohol, just about everyone at some point in their lives finds themselves looking to experiment with nonalcoholic beverages. Dry is the perfect companion during those times-and with recipes so delicious, no doubt well after!

Author: Clare Liarset
Paperback: 144pgs
Dimensions: 13.3 x 1.9 x 20.3 cm