Zwitscherbox - Relaxation Sounds: Walnut Black


Instant relaxation from a box.

Breathe deeply, unwind your mind and body - make it a perfect day. The "Zwitscherbox" can help you do it. Its natural sounds create a soothing atmosphere that lets you relax intuitively. Like taking a walk in the woods. We listen to the exhilarating sound of birds singing, our gaze softens, and we start to breathe more deeply. It is beneficial for the body and the spirit! Always coming as a surprise, the "Zwitscherbox" can change the way we think and give us new ideas.

Battery operated - hang it anywhere! Includes a switch to turn off completely.

Requires 3x AAA batteries, included.

4.3" x 1.5" x 5.7"

Designed by Relaxound and ///able Studio für Design