Julie Bégin: Transformation earrings


For her second collection, Shou Sugi Ban, Julie Bégin was inspired by an ancient Japanese technique, traditionally used in architectural cladding. The wood, which appears to be ruined by fire, is made flameproof and rot resistant, while acquiring a unique look. Shou Sugi Ban is part of a symbolic approach, where the use of charred wood evokes a personal transformation, profound and intimate; the meeting of fire and wood, energy and matter. This collection offers a powerful aesthetic in which the shiny metal, worked in a stilt structure, offers support to the crackled black wood. Strength and delicacy come from the harmonious meeting of these materials, so different, yet accomplice here. This jewellery collection of single edition and small series pieces is produced entirely by hand, using only to the best techniques, with materials of the highest quality.

Sterling silver with hand-charred wood.
Small cube earrings handcrafted of polished sterling silver set with hand-charred wood.

Approximate dimensions: 10 mm x 10 mm x 11 mm
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