Brew: Kinto Slow Coffee Glass Jug

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Place either the porcelain brewer on the jug. The transparent heat-resistant glass lets you see the dripping process, and you can measure the amount of dripped coffee when it reaches the dot printed on the surface of the server.

The concept of "Slow Coffee Style" is coffeeware which integrates into a slow, relaxing space. The items add a warm touch to a space with beautifully aged vintage furniture and plants. Fondness for the items originates from delicate details, in the carafe resembling an antique vase and in the jug with heartwarming messages.

Every piece is handcrafted in small quantities. A tube of heat-resistant glass is fired, then air is blown in to the tube to shape the glass into the mold. The handles are also crafted by hand, one by one. The work of human hands brings a sense of warmth to the simple form.

Material: Glass
Dimensions: 4.7" diameter x 7.9" height x 5.5" width
Capacity: 20.3oz
Heat-resistant glass
Microwave and dishwasher safe
Made in: Japan