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State Goods + Marta Ryczko / Rachelle Letain: True North


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Size: 11.75" x 15.5"
Printed on Premium 100% Recycled Paper.

Marta Ryczko & Rachelle Letain

‘True North’ features a plethora of familiar local wildlife, Toronto-centric landmarks and signifiers, and firmly establishes Toronto as the city that Canada’s national anthem refers to in it’s lyric: "true north, strong and free".

Marta Ryczko is part of the Sovereign State team. She has a strong background in printmaking and illustration. She started a "design-a-day" project in January 2012 and is almost at her thousandth day.

Rachelle is an illustrator + designer based in Toronto and is 1/4 of the Sovereign State creative fleet. Rachelle enjoys hand-drawn type, cohesive colour palettes, visual puns, and her ridiculously adorable dog/ sidekick - Arrow.


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