P'tite Poutine Porcelain Bowl


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Handmade porcelain bowl by Hugo Didier, imitating the Styrofoam containers used in fast food restaurants. These items are cooked at high temperatures, so they are microwave and dishwasher safe. The ceramicist Hugo Didier marries the traditional with the contemporary, producing an engaged and modern ceramics. Its very local production and limited edition offers several original objects for the table. The Styrofoam collection, which includes porcelain coffee cups and poutine containers imitating common Styrofoam containers, are fine examples of the commitment of this craftsman.

In creating a line of pottery, Montreal based ceramist Hugo Didier combines old traditional style with one that is found in contemporary production. The effect is a ceramic that is engaging and modern. Through his work, he proposes a reflection on objects that surrounds us. Where, who and how do they are made? What relationship we maintain with them? The "Not made in China" message, that can be found on his porcelain, promotes the idea of producing and consuming locally made goods.

With the legacy bequeathed by his parents and his grandparents ceramists, Hugo Didier is able to offer work that respects the rule of art. His pieces must, before all else, be functional and pleasant to use. All his work is hand turned; logos or images on his pieces are his own.

Material & Colour : White porcelain, matt exterior, enamel interior.
Dimensions : diameter: 4.5 "- 11.4 cm, height: 3.5" - 9 cm