The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson Paperback


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Quite simply, the finest collection of the works of the Group of Seven ever published. At a critical time in Canada`s history, the Group of Seven revolutionized the nation`s appreciation of art by celebrating the country as a wild and eminently beautiful land. Their paintings of the wilderness are unmistakable and evoke the same response in viewers today as they did when first exhibited 80 years ago.

The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson, which includes many never-before-reproduced paintings, presents the most complete and extensive collection of their works ever published. Containing 400 paintings and drawings, it reveals the talent and genius of all eleven painters who, at one time or another, were part of the movement: Franklin Carmichael, Franz Johnston, A.J. Casson, Arthur Lismer, LeMoine FitzGerald, J.E.H. MacDonald, Lawren S. Harris, Tom Thomson, Edwin Holgate, F.H. Varley, and A.Y. Jackson.The artwork is organized by the various regions of Canada and also includes sections on the war years and still life which demonstrate the versatility of the artists. Introductory essays explain the works and provide a context for greater understanding and appreciation.

About The Author: David P. Silcox, Managing Director of Sotheby`s Canada, is an art historian, a cultural administrator and a Senior Fellow at Massey College. He is recognized for his work on the painters David Milne, Christopher Pratt and Jack Bush.

Published by Firefly Books
Softcover, 444 pages, 9¾ x 8½ ins.