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Murray Laufer: from eight to eighty


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Over 50 years, the constant thread in Murray’s work has been the making of intimate portraits --both drawings and prints-- which have about them the shared qualities of the carefully observed and the deeply felt.
After a decades-long punctuation in his art-making as an acclaimed theatre designer, Laufer finally turned to his own studio to realize intimate works on paper and three-dimensional paintings that deal with issues of personal communion and the astonishing, celebratory fragility of human life.

This book is a multi-authored narrative of Murray Laufer’s achievements as an artist in all the ways his work took form. Texts by AGO curators David Moos and Katharine Lochnan, with contributions by Peter C. Wylde, Av Isaacs, Leon Major, and Murray himself combine to chart the chronology of his work and his life.

Edited by Jocelyn Laurence
Published by Coach House Press
Softcover, 156 pages
12" x 12"
ISBN 9781894243650


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