Henry Moore's Animals


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For more than sixty years of his creative life, Moore`s art reflected his obsession with two dominant themes - the reclining figure and the mother and child - there were also periods when certain new and uncharacteristic subjects suddenly and unexpectedly gripped his imagination. Among the first diversions from the major focus of his work were the profoundly moving shelter drawings of 1940-41 depicting scenes of civilians sheltering from the Blitz on the platforms of London`s Underground stations.

This exhibition comprises three portfolios of prints, each devoted to a specific theme: Elephant Skull Album 1969-70, Sheep Album, made in 1972 and 1974, and Animals in the Zoo, 1981-82. Between 1921 and 1982 Moore made some fifty-eight sculptures of animals-domestic, wild and imaginary creations. As he wrote: "I can see a lot of connections between animals and human beings...there can be a virility, a dignity or there can be tenderness, vulnerability. I can see animals in anything, really."

Written by Alan G. Wilkinson
Published by The Art Gallery of Ontario
Softcover, 24 pages, 10x8 ins.


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